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It all started when...

…. in 1966, I passed my local garage in a small town in NZ and spotted a WW2 Jeep for sale. This find was responsible firstly for my subsequent love of American soft skin military vehicles and then inevitably anything to do with American classics cars and trucks.

Based in Somerset UK and Cambridge NZ, Detroit66 has expanded its commitment over the years from purely sourcing cars to include sourcing general service and restoration parts for our Classic Car clients from around the world.

Whether your needs are for high end restoration or general service replacement parts – we're here to help.

If however you’re in the market for that once in a lifetime turnkey, dream car, truck or investment vehicle – we have the knowledge, experience and contacts to ensure a safe and secure purchase process for you.

We do all the painful stuff around initial candidate finding and sourcing, vehicle integrity around numbers matching validation, inspections, valuations and negotiating end costs, escrow transactions and arranging the US mainland and ocean shipping to your door.

If your need is for a "project" or "custom" we use a number of specialist companies in the US to carry out specific works for ourselves and clients such as fitting new convertible tops, suspension upgrades including AirRide, disc brake conversions and even LS engine swaps and Gear Vendor installations. All designed to get the heavy work done before you receive the vehicle while keeping the end duty costs minimal.

With the steady demand for rare and interesting RHD classics in the UK, we have the contacts and processes to source and ship vehicles & bikes back to the UK from NZ/Australia & RSA.

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